2 Year Anniversary

Son, Brother, Uncle, Friend … Mick was all those things and June 25th marks the 2 year anniversary of him being taken from our lives.  In keeping with his generous spirit of giving, the Brougham family is collaborating with the Red Cross and Masonic Child Identification Program, to hold an event in his name.

Please join us for a blood drive dedicated in special honor of Mickey Brougham on June 25th at the Masonic Lodge on Main Street in Belchertown.  Please consider making a donation to the Red Cross in honor of Mickey’s life, or taking advantage of the services provided by the Masonic Child Identification Program.   The blood drive will be held from 1:oo to 6:30 on Monday June 25th.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call 1-800 REDCROSS, 1-800-733-2767, or go to http://www.redcrossblood.org/

Shine a Light for Mickey ~ June 25, 2011

 We all shine with our own small light….together we blaze like the sun ~ Author unknown  

June 25, 2011 marks the one year anniversary of the disappearance of Mickey Brougham. The Brougham family and Mickey’s friends invite you to leave a porch or window light lit on the night of June 25, 2011 in awareness of Mickey’s disappearance and as a show of unity that we will never stop looking for Mickey.

Mickey was a son, brother, uncle, nephew, godfather, friend and neighbor. This amazing soul has touched the lives of many people and is deeply loved and missed.

An active investigation continues and much has been learned about the days surrounding Mickey’s disappearance.
We remain grateful for all who have shared information regarding Mickey’s disappearance with the authorities and continue to encourage anyone with information to contact the Belchertown Police Department at
413-323-6655 or the Massachusetts State Police Detective Unit at 413-586-5150.   If you are considering contacting the authorities please remember that all information is helpful and will be handled discreetly and confidentially.    Nothing is “insignificant” or “unimportant”.

When someone you love goes missing, your lives are forever changed. An arduous process of investigation, research, watchfulness, grief, and healing begin. While some days and nights are long and hard to maneuver through, others are filled with hope and comforting memories of your loved one. Ultimately you pray for the day when someone, somewhere will have the courage and strength of character to shed light on the situation such that you may care for your loved one in a dignified and respectful manner.  Mickey was a generous, caring person who loved his family very much.  We all love Mickey.  We miss him, grieve his loss, and will not rest until he is found.

Please help us to provide him with the proper care and respect he deserves.

On July 10, 2010 hundreds gathered at a candlelight vigil on the Belchertown Common in support of Mickey. We are reminded of the very powerful words sung at that time from the song “Go Light Your World”  by Chris Rice.

“…. There is a candle in every soul 
Some brightly burning, some dark and cold
There is a Spirit who brings a fire
Ignites a candle and makes His home”
Please join us in praying that the spirit moves those with information to see it in their hearts to return Mickey to us so we may provide him with a dignified burial. Please let your hearts and porch lights blaze as ours do to Bring Mickey Home.                BUCC Video

……. We are a family whose hearts are blazing 
so let’s raise our candles and light up the sky
Praying to our Father, in the name of Jesus
Make us a beacon in darkest times….”


Belchertown United Church of Christ – Video


This week marks the 10 months since Mick went missing.  A 4th of July, the Belchertown Fair, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, his Parent’s Anniversary, Christmas, New Years, Valentines, countless Birthdays of people he cared about and most recently Easter.  Many holidays that he would have been at but couldn’t because he was taken away from us.  This Easter there were stories shared, toasts made and we asked for our prayers to be answered … That someone would help to Bring Mickey Home.  There are many friends and family that Don’t Stop Believing that somebody has information that will help us find him.

If you knew Mick at all, you knew about his Scorpion necklace.  We have updated the Reward Poster to include a photo of it.  Other than him, this necklace is one of the only things missing from his home.  As you may recall, his truck and keys were at the house.  His wallet and phone were found in New Hampshire.  His scorpion necklace is still missing.   Please print out the updated poster and put it anywhere you can.  Someone may have seen the necklace since his disappearance and that may lead to some clues that will help us find him.

Never Forget…

It is the time of year when our thoughts and hearts turn to our loved ones.  This Thanksgiving, we have special cause to express our gratitude for the care and support that has been extended to us since our family member, Mickey Brougham went missing. Mickey went missing on June 25th. During this time, an active investigation remains underway. Our community and friends including the Belchertown United Church of Christ have extended an overwhelming amount of support, concern, and care on Mickey’s behalf. We receive inquiries, prayer, and offers of assistance on a daily basis which remind us that we are part of a very special community. We know that this community will help us bring him home.We thank all who have supported the fundraising raffle that is contributing to the $50,000 reward related to Mickey’s disappearance. The raffle prize is an Andrew Wyeth Print entitled “Stop” and depicts a motorcycle rider.  Raffle tickets will be available at Stadler ACE Hardware through November 30th.

We invite you to visit local businesses and merchants to pick up a complimentary pen as a token of our appreciation for the many kind words and deeds that you have done. We extend our most heartfelt thanks and wish you a peaceful Thanksgiving with your loved ones.

In Gratitude,
The Brougham Family

The reward has been increased to $50,000 for information about Mickey’s dissapearance.  There is somebody who knows something that will help us to bring him home. Please keep your ears open and report anything you may hear to the Belchertown Police at 413-323-6655 or to the  Anonymous Tip Line at 866-477-8237.

There is a hole in the fabric of our family* since Mickey went missing on June 25th.  We continue to pray and work with the police towards obtaining answers that will lead to his return.  The warmth, support and compassion shown by so many individuals with in the Belchertown community continues to give us hope that we will bring Mickey home.

*There’s a Hole in the Fabric:
The tightly woven fabric of the family has a hole in it today. We lost a member of our family. There will be no way to over mend that fabric completely. It will eventually fray out and become softer. It’s hard to look forward to the time when that will happen, because it is so painful now. That hole is hard, sharp, and hurtful.  My heart is blinded by the pain. My mind knows it will soften with time, but when will that happen?…that nice, soft, frayed hole in the fabric of our family.    Author Unknown


First Posting – Find Mickey Brougham

Last seen in Belchertown, MA 6/25/10. Wallet, cell phone, and watch found at New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon, NH 6/27/10. Mickey is a diabetic and has no medication or identification with him. Please contact police if you see him. Belchertown,MA 413-323-6685, Loudon, NH 603-798-5521. $10,000 REWARD for information leading to his return