This week marks the 10 months since Mick went missing.  A 4th of July, the Belchertown Fair, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, his Parent’s Anniversary, Christmas, New Years, Valentines, countless Birthdays of people he cared about and most recently Easter.  Many holidays that he would have been at but couldn’t because he was taken away from us.  This Easter there were stories shared, toasts made and we asked for our prayers to be answered … That someone would help to Bring Mickey Home.  There are many friends and family that Don’t Stop Believing that somebody has information that will help us find him.

If you knew Mick at all, you knew about his Scorpion necklace.  We have updated the Reward Poster to include a photo of it.  Other than him, this necklace is one of the only things missing from his home.  As you may recall, his truck and keys were at the house.  His wallet and phone were found in New Hampshire.  His scorpion necklace is still missing.   Please print out the updated poster and put it anywhere you can.  Someone may have seen the necklace since his disappearance and that may lead to some clues that will help us find him.

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