First Posting – Find Mickey Brougham

Last seen in Belchertown, MA 6/25/10. Wallet, cell phone, and watch found at New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon, NH 6/27/10. Mickey is a diabetic and has no medication or identification with him. Please contact police if you see him. Belchertown,MA 413-323-6685, Loudon, NH 603-798-5521. $10,000 REWARD for information leading to his return

7 Responses to “First Posting – Find Mickey Brougham”

  • Pete Miller:

    My heart goes out to Mickey and his entire family .I hope they find him safe


    Well what do you have to lose but try Dean W. Charron’s method. It may cost money to find him but it is well worth a shot to do this. I read all of things she has done and I do it is worth a shot.


    My thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of MICKEY. And hopes and prays that he will and shall be found safe and sound. GOD is watching over him right now. MAY GOD BE WITH THE FAMILY AND FRIENDS IN THEIR TIME OF NEED. My church next door to me has a picture and will be saying prayers for MICKEY’S safe return. Again my prayers are with you. Have search dogs been used after the finding of MICKEY’s belongings? MICKEY stay safe and let someone know where you are and that you are not hurt. GOD BE WITH YOU!!!!!

  • Linda:

    have the police tried to locate him via cell phone GPS locator? I’m sure they have, but just a thought. I’ll pray for Mickey’s safe return also.

  • Dean W. Charron:


    I don’t know what your beliefs are about this sort of thing, but Pam Coronado is a well-known and respected forensic psychic with a lot of success in this area. Since you have items of Mickey’s that were found where he disappeared, she might have some success helping you. Her link is below. Good Luck to you and I’ll pray for Mickey’s safe return…


    Dean W. Charron
    Granville, MA
    (413) 297-0820

  • Dave & Sue Auclair:

    Even in Wyoming we are praying for Mickey’s safe return home to his beloved family. You are all in our thoughts daily, wish we could be there Friday night to join all of you.