It is the time of year when our thoughts and hearts turn to our loved ones.  This Thanksgiving, we have special cause to express our gratitude for the care and support that has been extended to us since our family member, Mickey Brougham went missing. Mickey went missing on June 25th. During this time, an active investigation remains underway. Our community and friends including the Belchertown United Church of Christ have extended an overwhelming amount of support, concern, and care on Mickey’s behalf. We receive inquiries, prayer, and offers of assistance on a daily basis which remind us that we are part of a very special community. We know that this community will help us bring him home.We thank all who have supported the fundraising raffle that is contributing to the $50,000 reward related to Mickey’s disappearance. The raffle prize is an Andrew Wyeth Print entitled “Stop” and depicts a motorcycle rider.  Raffle tickets will be available at Stadler ACE Hardware through November 30th.

We invite you to visit local businesses and merchants to pick up a complimentary pen as a token of our appreciation for the many kind words and deeds that you have done. We extend our most heartfelt thanks and wish you a peaceful Thanksgiving with your loved ones.

In Gratitude,
The Brougham Family

The reward has been increased to $50,000 for information about Mickey’s dissapearance.  There is somebody who knows something that will help us to bring him home. Please keep your ears open and report anything you may hear to the Belchertown Police at 413-323-6655 or to the  Anonymous Tip Line at 866-477-8237.

There is a hole in the fabric of our family* since Mickey went missing on June 25th.  We continue to pray and work with the police towards obtaining answers that will lead to his return.  The warmth, support and compassion shown by so many individuals with in the Belchertown community continues to give us hope that we will bring Mickey home.

*There’s a Hole in the Fabric:
The tightly woven fabric of the family has a hole in it today. We lost a member of our family. There will be no way to over mend that fabric completely. It will eventually fray out and become softer. It’s hard to look forward to the time when that will happen, because it is so painful now. That hole is hard, sharp, and hurtful.  My heart is blinded by the pain. My mind knows it will soften with time, but when will that happen?…that nice, soft, frayed hole in the fabric of our family.    Author Unknown


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  • Cindy Brown:

    Yes, there has been what appears to be conflicting information during the past 6 weeks. His personal possessions were found in NH. The police continue to actively investigate all leads including cell pone records. There have been tips called in and all are investigated. All of his friends and family are being talked with and listened to. There are several agencies involved with this search. It remains a mystery. Yet we all believe that someone in this town of Belchertown saw and knows something. We have raised the reward to $10,000 for info leading to his return. Everyone wants to know what happened to him. Everyone needs to bring him home . Thank you for your continued interest. Cindy

  • Michael:

    I’ve read conflicting information…that police are not sure if Micky actually ever traveled to NH, but I’ve also read that his cellphone was found and used in NH. If so, don’t phone records show who was called and if so couldn’t the called verify it was Micky thus placing him at some point in NH?

    With that information in hand perhaps the search area could then be narrowed.

    • Tyler:

      They did go that route with the investigation right after finding the phone. I don’t believe any of the calls were actually answered so they could verify it was him, and not just some one pressing past calls to make it look like he was calling.